Mon, May 17 DC | Abby Lee Mosconi
A look at why women are enrolling in the bootcamp that champions representation.
Fri, May 14 DC | Michaela Althouse
Founded by Dr. Julia Finkel, a longtime pediatric anesthesiologist, the company just began raising a $5M funding round and is seeking FDA approval. DC | Michaela Althouse
The San Francisco-based dockless escooter and bike-sharing company demoed its new sidewalk detection technology this week as it seeks approval for use. Called Spin Insight Level 2, the tech uses AI to monitor scooter rides.
Thu, May 13 DC | Mary Beth Fiedler
Technologists, listen up: Increasing amounts of data and the shift to remote work are leading to more room in the federal marketplace for AI, DevOps and more. Dcode's Mary Beth Fielder offers takeaways from the D.C-based tech connector's new report. DC | Michaela Althouse
The NoVa company developed integration software for brands to resell used products directly on their sites. CEO Adam Siegel says Recurate will use the funding to hire and continue developing the technology.
Wed, May 12 DC | Michaela Althouse
CEO Brad Nierenberg said Redpeg was able to raise $1.5 million through the new Poker 501 for its own annual event in February. It's been a win for workplace culture, too. DC | Alan Neuhauser
Game-day snacks, jobs and more.
Tue, May 11 DC | Michaela Althouse
The D.C.-based alternative lodging company said Tuesday that it would be opening a new high-end, service-oriented living space at the Meridian’s Rise and Bolden apartment complex. It comes after the company was able to rehire ... DC | Michaela Althouse
With new president Todd Silverstein, Leesburg, Virginia-based digital agency Model B is looking to grow its team and predictive AI technology, called BluePrint. We talked to Silverstein about the "fun challenge" of running a company.
Mon, May 10 DC | Michaela Althouse
The virtual event has 1,000 open jobs, and will seek to spotlight individual cities. It's part of Revolution's work to boost awareness about startup opportunities outside of Silicon Valley, New York and Boston. DC | Michaela Althouse
Plus, 3Pillar launches an advisory council and Accenture Federal Services moves its CIO up the ladder.